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There are as many different barbecue accessories as you can imagine, some more necessary than others.

Freshly grilled food has a taste and aroma that can't be replicated anywhere else. For many, it’s second to none, and it’s the perfect excuse to organise get-togethers with family and friends.

If you've come this far, it means you're interested in improving your barbecue skills. If you're already an expert, you probably already have some favourite accessories, but if you're new to all this and want to join in the wonderful world of the ritual of fire, you may need some help understanding the purpose of each accessory and determining which are the most essential. This list has all of the “extras” needed to make waiting by the fire easier, leaving you with enough time to socialise with friends and drink a nice cold beer while you wait for food to be ready. Read more.

  • Barbecue tongs: With temperatures reaching up to hundreds of degrees, you’ll need some tongs to help you easily handle food on the grill. Look for a long, flexible pair for easier use.
  • Silicone basting brush: We know a lot of people prefer to lightly season their meats and vegetables prior to placing them on the grill, leaving the smoke to impart its flavour. However, we believe that a good barbecue is best with sauces, and this is where a basting brush will come in handy. The best models are without a doubt those made from silicone.
  • Mitt: At such high temperatures, you’ll need a pair of barbecue mitts to protect yourself from the heat and debris while using your grill.
  • Thermometer: We know, we know — a proper chef goes by instinct and experience to know when food is cooked, what additional spices it needs, etc. However, we believe that this thermometer will come in very handy. Not only will it alert you when food has reached its ideal temperature, but it can also let you know when charcoal is at the right temperature so as not to burn your meat.

These are the four most essential barbecue accessories, but in our online catalogue you’ll find a number of other useful tools including lighter cubes, smoking wood chips, grate cleaners and more.