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Tax ID: B54467089

Phone: +34 966 44 30 30


Email: info@okbarbacoas.es


–Provide customer with information about traded goods

–Create and send quotes and/or fulfil orders at customer’s request

–Manage the online web shop www.okbarbacoa.es, and answer any questioned received via the Contact Us form

–Prepare invoices for services rendered to the customer

Data Retention Period: Personal data will be stored for as long as the contractual relationship is maintained, or until the data subject requests the deletion of their personal data or such deletion is required by law.

Your data will not be used for profiling purposes.


With the consent of the party concerned.

You have the right not to share your personal data, with the consequence of rendering the contracted service impossible to fulfil.

Recipients (of data release or transfer)

–Data will be transferred to the companies that own the different marketed brands for the processing of product warranties.

–Data will be transferred to the financial entity ‘SANTANDER CONSUMER’, which evaluates and processes customer requests for credit loans.


No data transfers will be made unless required by legal obligation or to protect the vital interests of the data subject.


You may exercise at any time your right to the access, rectification, deletion and portability of your personal data, as well as the right to limit or object to their processing.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, with this withdrawal of consent making it impossible to provide any requested services.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you believe that the processing of your data does not comply with European legislation.


Processed data is sourced when you agree to voluntarily provide it either by signing informed consent or through our website.

Types of data processed:

  • Identifying information
  • Bank details
  • CV details

To update your account information or email marketing preferences, or if you require technical assistance or any other help with our services, please send an email to: info@okbarbacoas.es


Data Controller: Identity: ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL – TAX ID: B54467089 Postal Address: AVDA FINLANDIA, 23 GRAN ALACANT, SANTA POLA 13130Phone: +34 966 44 30 30 Email: info@okbarbacoas.es

‘On behalf of the company, we process the data you provide us in order to render the requested service and carry out subsequent invoicing. Any data provided will be stored for as long as the business relationship is maintained or for the period of years necessary to comply with legal obligations. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so. You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL is processing your personal data and therefore also have the right to access your stored data, rectify any inaccurate data or request their deletion when the storage of your personal information is no longer necessary’.


Please read all sections of the present Legal Notice as well as our Privacy Policy prior to browsing this website. The following conditions are binding for any users of this website. Last updated on 21/05/2018.

The purpose of this document is to establish the general terms and conditions for use of the Portal, which much be accepted and complied with by any individuals, professionals and companies wishing to use it. Use of the Portal grants the status of user to the visitor (hereinafter the ‘User’).

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL informs you that the access and use of the Portal www.okbarbacoas.es/en and any of its subdomains and directories, as well as the services or content accessible through it, are subject to the terms detailed in this Legal Notice, without prejudice to the fact that accessing any of the aforementioned services or content may necessitate the acceptance of additional General Conditions. The User expressly and unreservedly accepts each and every one of the present general terms and conditions established for the use of these upon accessing the Portal via the Internet. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms of use, please exit the Portal immediately.

Access to the Portal is free of charge and may link to a multitude of internet content, data, services, discussion forums or newsgroups, images, documents, courses or activities (hereinafter the ‘Content’) to which the User may have access.

The User undertakes to make appropriate use of these services and content. The User assumes sole responsibility for his or her use of the Portal. The User undertakes to use the Content diligently, correctly and lawfully. In particular, the User undertakes to refrain from, by way of example and not limitation:

• Using the Content in a manner or with purpose or intent that is contrary to law, morality and/or generally accepted good practice or public order.

• Introducing or spreading computer viruses into the network or any other hardware or software systems that may cause the aforementioned damage.

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL will monitor activity at all times to ensure compliance with the current legal system, and the company remains entitled to interrupt the service or exclude the User from the Portal in the case of observing any conduct that it deems contrary to these General Terms & Conditions of Use, the law, morality, or that may affect the proper functioning, image, credibility and/or reputation of ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL.

The User will be held liable for any and all damages of any nature that ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL may suffer on the occasion or as a consequence of the breach of any of the conditions outline above, as well as any others included in these General Terms & Conditions and/or those imposed by law with regard to the use of the Portal.

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without prior notice the structure and design of the Portal whenever it deems appropriate, as well as to modify or remove its services, content and conditions of access and/or use thereof. The duration of website availability and related services is indefinite, with ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL reserving the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate website provision or the provision of any of its related services, under the same terms as those set out in the previous paragraph (unilateral modification).

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL does not grant any warranty or assume any liability under any circumstances for damages of any kind that may result from:

• Lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the website and/or its services or content.

• The existence of viruses or programs that are malicious or harmful in their content.

• The illicit, negligent or fraudulent use of this website, its services or content by the User in a manner contrary to these General Terms & Conditions, good faith or generally accepted use or public order.

These General Terms & Conditions of Use for the Portal do not confer to the User any other right of use, modification, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Portal and/or its Content other than those expressly mentioned herein. The Content available in the Portal (information, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.) is either the sole property of ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL or has been duly authorised for dissemination by its lawful owners. Under no circumstances may the Content be used for:

Any type of commercial or advertising purposes unless expressly authorised.

• Its reproduction, publication, distribution or modification, in whole or in part, unless permitted by law or with the prior written authorisation of its lawful owners.

• Any infringement of the rights of ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL or other lawful owners of the Content.

In the event that a User or third party believes that there has been a violation of their legitimate intellectual property rights as a result of the addition of certain content to the Portal, they shall immediately notify ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL of the situation, providing the company with the following information:

• The personal data of the party concerned who holds the rights that have been allegedly infringed upon, or indicating the authority with which he or she is acting should the complaint be presented by a third party who is not the party concerned.

• The exact content protected by intellectual property rights and its location on the website, proof of the intellectual property rights in question and an express statement in which the party concerned assumes responsibility for the veracity of the information provided therein.

Any ‘link’ to the Portal posted on a separate website will be subject to the following conditions:

• The reproduction, in whole or in part, of any of the services or Content found within the Portal is expressly forbidden.

• The webpage in which the link is placed must not contain any brand, title, logo, slogan or any other distinctive elements belonging to ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL unless with prior authorisation, and in any event ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL will not be held liable for the content or services made available to the public via the webpage in which the ‘link’ is placed, nor for any information or statements therein.

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL has adopted the adequate security measures for the data it processes manages. The company uses the most modern and varied technological and legal measures available, for the purpose of preventing the misuse, loss, modification, unauthorised access, theft, or destruction of the personal data it collects, uses and transfers. However, we inform you that, due to the open, unpredictable and uncertain nature of the Internet, we cannot take full responsibility for the security of any personal data transmissions carried out within the network. However, in order to offer you the utmost assurance in this matter, we frequently review the technological measures implemented.

In compliance with the current regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 by the European Parliament and European Council, ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL warns that the personal data collected will be stored in paper and computer files owned by ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL., as they are necessary for proper handling of your request. You may exercise your rights by emailing a signed written statement and a copy of an identifying document to info@bricohouse.eu. For additional information about Data Production, please refer to the following link: https://www.okbarbacoas.es/en/content/10-legal-notice.

In general, you can visit the website of ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL without needing to disclose any personal data. However, in order to access certain parts of our website, such as to send requests via our online contact form, get in touch via various means of communication (email, phone, etc.) or to subscribe to our newsletter, we may require access to your personal information. It is at the User’s discretion as to whether to provide this information or not, but should they choose not to do so, they will be unable to access these and possibly other features of our website.

Each form specifies which information is optional and which is mandatory. If you do not complete the required fields, we may be unable to process your request. When registration is necessary to access certain services or content, the User is responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date and legally valid information.

We inform you that should you provide us with your personal information, you unequivocally consent to its collection and processing, with the data being processed as part of our ‘organisational measures’, duly updated and maintained by ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL for the following purposes:

• Contact. To get in touch with you, whether by phone or by email, or to respond to any questions or requests for more information, quotes, etc. that you make through our website or its associated email address.

• Enquiries. To respond to any of your enquiries in order to provide you with the most pertinent information.

• Subscribe to ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL’s free online publication to get the newest updates on our activities, latest products and barbecue-related events. You can cancel your subscription at any time by entering your email address in the subscription form and selecting the ‘Unsubscribe’ option or by using any of the other methods provided for this purpose.

• Inform us of your suggestions, complaints or success stories, enabling us to meet the needs and expectations of all of our users for all of our services. Your data will be used for the sole purpose of dealing with your complaint by way of our contact form, or by email to (your email address(es).

ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL wishes to inform our Customers, Suppliers, Applicants, Users, Partners, etc. that your information is essential to our business and we neither participate in nor tolerate the sale of personal data to third parties.

It remains possible that ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL may find itself under legal obligation to disclose your personal information in accordance with summons, mandates or court orders in any of the countries in which we carry out our business activities; as a consequence your personal data may be disclosed in order to comply with the General Terms & Conditions of Use of our website or in emergency situations when the information is needed to protect personal safety, public safety or to maintain web security.

This Portal may link to other websites, including our official social media profiles, informing you that by clicking on said links you will be redirected to a page for which ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL is not responsible.

You should be aware that the owners of these websites not affiliated with ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL may collect, utilise or transfer your personal data under differing terms and conditions; upon navigating to one of these websites we advise that you first read its Privacy Policy, General Terms & Conditions of Use or Cookie Policy as we are unable to control the manner in which these websites use the personal data you provide. ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL’s social media profiles were created to help keep you up to date with our activities and to create an alternative channel of communication through which to interact with those interested in our organisation.

If you wish to contact us, we hereby inform you that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the GDP, and your information may be stored by ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL as part 

of our regularly updated organisational measures used to maintain contact with you as part of the business relationship established.

Any content (information, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.) collected through this channel remains the sole property of ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL or has been expressly authorised for dissemination by its lawful owner(s). You hereby undertake to respect this content and not to use it without prior authorisation, regardless of the medium, as here at ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL we are committed to business activities that demonstrate respect for truth and personal privacy.

Definition and function of cookies. What are cookies? A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer upon accessing certain websites. Cookies enable a website to perform certain functions, including but not limited to storing and retrieving data about the browsing habits of a user or device. Depending on the type of information a cookie contains and how the device is used, cookies can be used to recognise a user.

Most cookies are automatically deleted when you exit a website or close the browser window.

The cookies used by ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL’s portal do not contain any personal data and cannot be used to obtain personal data.

Categorised by ownership:

  1. First-Party Cookies: These are cookies that are sent to your device from our own devices or domains. They enable us to provide the services you request from us.
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Categorised by duration:

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  2. Analytics Cookies: These cookies enable us to assess the number of users and thereby carry out statistical measurement and analysis of how users make use of the services we provide. In order to do so, we analyse your browsing habits on our website in order to improve the range of products and services we offer.
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Cookies used on our website and their purpose.

Cookies used by the ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL Web Portal (www.okbarbacoas.es/en)

  • Cookie Name: COOKIE_SUPPORT

This cookie verifies whether your browser has cookies enabled. Many of the services offered on our Portal require cookies in order to work correctly.


  • Cookie Name: PHPSESSID

This cookie is used by the scripting language PHP to enable SESSION variables to be stored on the web server. It contains the session ID. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website.

  • Cookie Name: cookie_ue

This cookie remembers whether or not the Cookie Policy was accepted in order to display the relevant alert.

  • Cookie Names: PX, PrestaShop-XXXXXXXXX (the X’s signify variable numbers)

These cookies are used to save different regarding the User including recently viewed products, their shopping basket with products selected for purchase, the User’s email and more.



  • Cookie Names: __ga, __gat, __gid

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors to our website interact with the pages. All data are collected anonymously and may include information such as the type of browser being used or number of page visits. This information helps us improve our website and your experience as a visitor.

_ga, _gid: These cookies are used to identify users and tell them apart.

_gat: Used to differentiate between the different tracker objects created during a session. The cookie is created upon loading the JavaScript library and there is no previous version of the _gat cookie.


  • Cookie Names: NID y SID, IDE, __gads o __gac

NID and SID: Used to customise the ads that display for you on certain sites (e.g. Google Search). For example, we use these cookies to remember your most recent searches, your previous interactions with search results or marketing ads and your visits to advertiser’s websites. This enables us to show you personalised ads on Google.

IDE: Often used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to the user, improve marketing campaign performance analysis and avoid displaying advertisements that the user has already seen.

_gads o _gac: These cookies are used to gauge user interactions with ads included in a given domain and prevent them from seeing the same ad too many times.


Google AdWords Remarketing is a remarketing and behavioural targeting technology developed by Google that connects this website’s activity to the AdWords advertising network and the DoubleClick cookie. It uses a variety of different cookies.


This pixel is used to display interest-based ads (‘Facebook ads’) to visitors of this website when they browse Facebook. A ‘Facebook pixel’ was added to this website for this purpose. This pixel connects to Facebook's servers in the United States when you visit us, communicating to the Facebook server that you have visited this website. Facebook then adds this information to your personal Facebook user account. For more information about Facebook's collection and use of data, as well as your related rights and ways to protect your privacy, please consult Facebook's Privacy Policy at https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/. Additionally, Facebook evaluates the data collected on our behalf to inform us about the redirection of Facebook users to our website and their browsing behaviour on our website. This enables us to track user’s behaviour after they have been redirected to the website by clicking on a Facebook ad. This process is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes and can help optimise future advertising efforts. The data collected remain anonymous to us and therefore do not provide us with any information regarding the identity of users.

Cookie NameOwnershipTypeExpiry Date/Duration
PHPSESSID First-Party Cookie Technical Deleted upon closing the browser window
PrestaShop-XXXXXXXXX, PX (the X’s signify variable numbers) First-Party Cookie Technical 20 days
cookie_ue First-Party Cookie Technical 1 year
_ga Third-Party (Google Analytics) Analytics 2 years
__gat Third-Party (Google Analytics) Analytics The cookie is updated each time it sends data to Google Analytics
__gid Third-Party (Google Analytics) Analytics 1 day
NID y SID Third-Party (Google AdWords) Advertising Persistent
IDE Third-Party (Google AdWords) Advertising One year and seven months from configuration or update
__gads, __gac Third-Party (Google AdWords) Advertising 2 years
Various Cookies Third-Party (Google AdWords Remarketing) Advertising Persistent
Facebook Pixel Third-Party (Facebook) Advertising Persistent

Cookies used by the ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL Web Portal (www.okbarbacoas.es/en)

The ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL Web Portal uses Google Analytics to gather statistical information on the use made of both platforms. The following cookies are used for this purpose: _utma, _utmb, _utmc and _utmz.

All information is collected anonymously and includes statistics regarding the number of visitors as well as the content accessed.

If you would like to learn more about the cookies used by Google Analytics, please click here.

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If the User connects with the social networks we share within the Portal, persistent third-party cookies not belonging to ELECTRODOMESTICOS GRAN ALACANT SL will be installed. We encourage you to visit these websites to learn more about their Privacy Policies, General Terms & Conditions of Use or what they use cookies for. TwitterLinkedIn.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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